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How it Works

Choose in office or tele health consult, if qualified you will receive Semaglutide at any dose prescribed, charges are not dose dependent, up to 1.7mg weekly.  and all supplies delivered to your door for $300/month. $50 extra charge will be applied for 10mg vial.

Our Service


No Hidden Fees

$300 covers Semaglutide at all prescribed doses up to 1.7mg weekly, initial and follow up  consultations, syringes, and needles.



Patient will receive a monthly delivery of Semaglutide as prescribed.


Follow up

All follow up consultations whether in person or via tele health are unlimited and  included in your monthly fee.

Telehealth Consults

A certified medical doctor will review your BMI, health history and craft your weight loss plan with prescription medication.

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